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Immoviewer Now Creates Floor Plans From Your 360° Photos

Launching today, you can now create floor plans using just the images in your immoviewer tours.


Today, immoviewer is launching a new service – floor plan creation. The service, which has been in beta for several months, allows immoviewer subscribers to generate dimensionally accurate floor plans using just the 360° images from their immoviewer tours. There is not measuring of rooms required.

“When I saw the first floor plan generated from just the photos in our tours, it felt a bit like magic,” says Jeff Turner, CEO North America for immoviewer. “But it’s not magic as much as it is math. As long as we know the height of the lens from the floor, we can generate dimensionally accurate floor plans from 360° images. We are excited to finally be able to launch this service. We know our clients are going to love being able to turn their 360° cameras into a floor plan creation power tool.”

The immoviewer software platform is designed to accept images from any compatible 360° camera, and the app itself can create tours with just your mobile device as well. “We are truly camera agnostic in our approach,” explains Steve Bintz, immoviewer Director of Sales. “Because our tours can be built using images from and 360° camera, we have had to test our software processes on this pretty extensively. We’re thrilled with the results.”

Floor plans generated by immoviewer are automatically integrated into the tour from which they were created. The floor plans can also be downloaded for use in other marketing materials. “When we talked to our clients,” Bintz added, “floor plans were consistently listed as a pain point. We’ve now created an easy button to do away with that pain.”

The service is launching today and is available to any immoviewer subscriber.

About immoviewer, Inc. immoviewer ( is an international technology company providing fully interactive, virtual reality-compatible DIY 3D home tours with live 24/7 open house capability, floor plans and digital home staging. immoviewer’s easy-to-use and affordable software solutions help real estate professionals create an outstanding real estate experience for buyers, sellers, and investors.



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